Welcome to Crafty Texas Girl.  This site is dedicated to my work as a seamstress, crafter, and mom who finds a little bit of time to work on projects while the rest of the household sleeps.  I am not a professional, this is not my full time job, but I have been sewing and costuming for over half of my life and love it, so I take great pride in everything I create and give it a very professional quality.  I love to take a stack of fabric and create something amazing and beautiful, and I love to see a happy client/customer.

Costumes are my favorite… so if there is something special you want I would love to work with you.  Send me an email and we can discuss it.

Apron are so fun!  I love this vintage style little apron I make and while yes it is fashioned after a pattern I purchased, I have altered it to make it a little different and added my own touches!!

Vinyl is my new fun craft.  It could be a vinyl image on a cup or something personal on a piece of clothing, I really have enjoyed the creativity I have with it!

So, contact me if you need something custom made, or check my etsy shop by going to the shop page, either way I hope you enjoy my work!

-Amber (aka, the Craft Texas Girl!)

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