Full time Mom… how do you find the time to sew??

I thought I would take a moment to answer a question I get a lot… “How do you find the time to sew?”  I work 40 hours a week at my regular job, am a full time wife and mother , and have 2 dogs, easy to say my days are full.  Before my daughter it was easy to find the time, hubby and I would eat dinner together, then he would work on his project (the remote control) and I would go work on mine.  Then when our daughter came along, that got a little more difficult… ok a  LOT.  there was no time to sew, so I didn’t.  I had way more important things going on, like figuring out this whole motherhood thing.  But she is 4 now, and I have found that she can do a lot of playing on her own.  This doesn’t mean we just put her in a room and leave her, but we do find she can keep herself occupied for some time.  And it seems like as soon as I sit down at the machine to start sewing.. she is no longer occupied. Hubby and I came up with a good plan, that works most of the time and still allows us to each have our own time to do the things we want in our “ME” time. There is nothing selfish about wanting “ME” time, it is healthy for everyone to just have time do their own thing no matter what.  So here’s how it works Monday – Thursday.  Mondays and Thursdays are hubby’s “ME” days (please note these are FOOTBALL days)  Tuesday and Wednesday are my “ME” days.  What this means is,  on our dedicated “ME” days we come home from work, I cook (while hubby keeps kiddo entertained), we sit down as a family and we eat.  Then we clean the kitchen together, and then “ME” time begins.  From that point if its my day, I go up to my sewing room, turn on the radio and work on my projects.  Now my allotted time depends really on how late I want to stay up, because I can shut the door and continue on once little one is in bed.  While I am having my “ME” time dad is playing with daughter and keeping her entertained.  He also gives her a bath, brushes teeth, gets her ready for bed, reads her a book and then we both tell her good night and go through our I love you’s and night time kisses!  On dads night, it works the same, but with roles reversed and I give her a bath, teeth, pjs book!  This is done 4 nights a week, and allows us to each have a few hours a week to focus on “OUR THING” whatever that might be.  It really helps a lot and I totally recommend anyone giving it a try.  Oh and if you are wondering about the other days (Friday – Sunday) those are family days and we do stuff together!

So there, that’s how I find the time.  usually I stay up later than I should on my nights because I am busy sewing or working on something, but its ok, I enjoy the quiet time that goes with it!.

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