My Name is Amber…loving wife …happy mother… avid Crafter!! When I get the time, and am not working my regular job, or cooking, or taking care of the family.  I like to sneak off to my craft room where I find piles and piles of fabric, projects waiting to be worked on and craft supplies all over the place!!  I love to sew!  I have been sewing since I was a young teenager and started with costumes.  I have done every type of costume you can imagine!  But several years ago, I wanted a vintage style apron, something to go with my themed kitchen and I started searching patterns till I found one I liked, but made a few changes.  Everyone LOVED it, so much so that I started getting requests for it, then more and more, and finally one day someone told me “you should sell these!!”  So I started my Etsy shop, and here I am!  While its not a full time job, it is something fun I like to do on the side, and I love to go in a fabric store and see the possibilities on the rows and rows of fabric.  Then came my daughter!  And as she has gotten older, she is now in dance, I wanted a cute dance bag for her, and behold!  I started making the tutu bags, and then got requests for those and so they went into my shop too!!  So here I am, starting my blog/website to hope to share my creations with the world, and make it easier for my customers to find me!  Please follow my page, or favorite my shop!   All the stuff I make is handmade by myself, and makes great gifts!!!

You can find my Etsy shop by clicking here!

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