Aprons, Aprons Aprons!!!

The Story behind my Aprons!

Years ago when we bought our house, I styled my kitchen a little vintage.  I have always meloved aprons, because lets face it, I get messy when I cook!  I wipe my hands on them, splatter grease, and flour just goes everywhere.  So I decided I wanted a vintage style apron, and I looked and looked and looked and never could find the one I wanted.  So a friend, stating to obvious said “You are crafty, why don’t you just make one!” Well duh!  Why didn’t I think of that.  So I set out to make my apron, and after finding the right fabric and pattern I wanted, I changed things up a little and my sweet apron was born!  I still to this day some 9 years later STILL wear the original apron!  In the following years friends ask for this apron, and wanted them for themselves and as gifts.  So I was encouraged to open my own etsy shop, and so it began!  This apron and the various different patterns and prints I make it in have been all of the place.  From New York to California, for Canada to Texas I have sold it to many happy customers!  I can’t go anywhere there is fabric and not buy SOMETHING to make an apron with.  And while I have been asked for other style and designs (men’s and children’s) I have done a few but this design still remains the favorite!

wpid-img_20150911_100907.jpg    wpid-20150718_212756.jpg    bears apron    Vintage kitchen apron     wpid-1440171067972-722.jpg

Ready to Shop??

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