Full time Mom… how do you find the time to sew??

I thought I would take a moment to answer a question I get a lot… “How do you find the time to sew?”  I work 40 hours a week at my regular job, am a full time wife and mother , and have 2 dogs, easy to say my days are full.  Before my daughter it was easy to find the time, hubby and I would eat dinner together, then he would work on his project (the remote control) and I would go work on mine.  Then when our daughter came along, that got a little more difficult… ok a  LOT.  there was no time to sew, so I didn’t.  I had way more important things going on, like figuring out this whole motherhood thing.  But she is 4 now, and I have found that she can do a lot of playing on her own.  This doesn’t mean we just put her in a room and leave her, but we do find she can keep herself occupied for some time.  And it seems like as soon as I sit down at the machine to start sewing.. she is no longer occupied. Hubby and I came up with a good plan, that works most of the time and still allows us to each have our own time to do the things we want in our “ME” time. There is nothing selfish about wanting “ME” time, it is healthy for everyone to just have time do their own thing no matter what.  So here’s how it works Monday – Thursday.  Mondays and Thursdays are hubby’s “ME” days (please note these are FOOTBALL days)  Tuesday and Wednesday are my “ME” days.  What this means is,  on our dedicated “ME” days we come home from work, I cook (while hubby keeps kiddo entertained), we sit down as a family and we eat.  Then we clean the kitchen together, and then “ME” time begins.  From that point if its my day, I go up to my sewing room, turn on the radio and work on my projects.  Now my allotted time depends really on how late I want to stay up, because I can shut the door and continue on once little one is in bed.  While I am having my “ME” time dad is playing with daughter and keeping her entertained.  He also gives her a bath, brushes teeth, gets her ready for bed, reads her a book and then we both tell her good night and go through our I love you’s and night time kisses!  On dads night, it works the same, but with roles reversed and I give her a bath, teeth, pjs book!  This is done 4 nights a week, and allows us to each have a few hours a week to focus on “OUR THING” whatever that might be.  It really helps a lot and I totally recommend anyone giving it a try.  Oh and if you are wondering about the other days (Friday – Sunday) those are family days and we do stuff together!

So there, that’s how I find the time.  usually I stay up later than I should on my nights because I am busy sewing or working on something, but its ok, I enjoy the quiet time that goes with it!.

Never forget those we lost!

It’s a rainy and dull day here in Houston, and I have thought about the sewing projects I have for the weekend, but as much as I have to think about here, my heart and thoughts turn to New York.  I think about those who lost their loved onesjust doing what we all do everyday, working.  I think about what plans were made that never got to happen, what presents were hidden but never opened.  what children  and family never got to say good bye.  God bless everyone who lost their life that day or lost a loved one , my thoughts are with you all!
#neverforget #alwaysremember

Where have I been??

Oh my goodness!!  Seems like I was never coming back!!!  No worries, I have been here all this time, just been a bad girl and NOT been making any posts.  So what is the purpose of having a blog if I’m not going to Blog???  Good question, but I am happy to report I am back and going to do my best to stay on it!!

So some things have changed that has made me so busy.  Changed my regular job (SOOOO Happy!!) its nice to work somewhere where you are appreciated and not expected to do EVERYTHING even if its not your job (Can I get an AMEN!)  Got 2 new dogs, adopted a couple of Rescue pugs from PugHearts of Houston (Check them out http://www.pughearts.com), my daughter turned 4, hubby and I celebrated 13 happy years of marriage… and I have just been super busy with life! Somewhere in all of the milestones and changes I have still been steady sewing aprons and totes and having fun doing it.  I have tried out some new patterns, like an overnight bag, and still trying to figure out what to do with all my scrap fabric, so look for some posts in the future on what to do with the scrap fabric… cause I GOT A LOT!!   A friend down the street is in photography class and asked to use me and some of my costumes for a shoot, and I am happy to report the shoot turned out AWESOME and I finally got a fantastic shot of me wearing an apron.

Any-who!  I plan to start making posts and keeping everyone up to date, hope you enjoy.  I will post pictures of projects and discuss how exactly to be a busy mom that works 40 hours a week, commutes an hour both ways to work and comes home, cooks for the family, and still finds time to sew on projects (mostly after everyone is in bed!)

So, for now.   Here’s a photo from the shoot, look at that super sexy apron!!


Craft room organized!!

I did it!! And I couldn’t be happier. It took all weekend but it was totally worth it. All of my scrap fabric is organize just the way I want it so I can see it all! I took card board boxes (because I had a ton I them at the office) and I made 3 different sizes of boards. A long one, a short and a mini. The long boards are to house the fabric that I sill have enough to make something full sized out of. The small boards are good sized scraps for small projects, and the mini are for small quick scrap mainly for an appliqué. Then I organized the shelves by type of print or solid fabric! I am super happy with how it turned out!





Organizing the craft room

I have a great craft room,and an awesome husband who let’s be do whatever I want to the room and not question anything. I do a lot of sewing projects and have tons of scraps. I don’t like to throw away scarp fabric, you just never know when you can use it. So I keep throwing it in a couple of tubs and they are way full. So I started searching Pinterest for organization ideas came up with a few. So today let’s see. I will post before and after pictures!!