Who doesn’t love a good squeeze!!!

mgAhhhh the corset!  My pride and joy.  Since working for the Texas Renaissance Festival for 10 years, you can imagine my need for a corset.  Now I didn’t want a corset necessarily to bring my boobs to my chin, but I did want something to give me that great hour glass shape!  While I must say the corsets from the Renaissance error definitely bound you, they just were not what I was looking for.  So once again, I found a pattern (Victorian style) worked with it, changed it and Wha-La! My new favorite accessory was born!  I must say I probably have a bit of a fetish since at one point I think I had over 20 corsets in my personal collection, but these are great!  That fit my curves and if you can imagine they are comfortable.

I do not have my corsets readily available to purchase, because each one I make is made to fit the owner.  So measurement’s will  be taken, fabric picked and THEN I make them.  Each corset has a steel busk front closure with lace up grommets in the back.  They have 26 pieces of steel boning running through them, and really work!! These are real corsets, not something cheap to play in, they bind, and squeeze and you really need to prepare yourself for them!!  But man!!  They look fantastic on, and feel great no matter the occasion.  I have made these for tinny little ladies to larger bustier full figured women, and as of recent even made one for a fabulous Drag Queen!  If you are interested in your own custom made corset, please contact me to discuss.  The price on them range from $150-$250 depending on the fabric and requirements you have.

To discuss, email me at

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