Custom Colored Tumblers

My new artistic craft is customizing Tumblers!! Who wants a plain boring silver tumbler?  Ok some people want those, and that’s ok.  But lets spice it up, mix it up and throw some glitter on it!  ok… maybe not a lot of glitter!  Tumblers are all the craze right now, it seems like EVERYONE has one.  Its funny, I resisted the urge to get one, and then one day I said “fine I want one, lets see what all the hype is!”  I can not believe how much water I started drinking once I had this cup and had ice all day!!  I like cold water, some say its not good for you, but to me water is water and I like it cold!! The tumblers keep it cold for me!!  Now the big question, Yeti vs RTIC vs Ozark vs …..  I personally like RTIC, for a couple of reasons, #1 made just outside of Houston, Texas which is my hometown!!  Awesome, support local! #2 the shape is just a little different from Yeti and to me fits my hand better.  #3 as for keeping ice better, they all work the same, see #1 & #2 for main reasons I go with RTIC!

So lets talk custom Tumblers!!  I can customize your cup with colors and decals however you want.  Some people choose to powder coat and some spray color.  I use the spray color technique because I feel I can get more creative with it.  Also I have worked with the powder coated cups and decals seem to not stick as well.  I have also perfected my color process.  I color, seal, ad decals, and then waterproof seal.  The whole process takes about 10 days, but the end result is a cup you can have and use often and love the color!!  Please see below for examples of work I have done (some pictures show the cup still taped up for the painting process) and when you are ready for your own custom tumbler, email me so we can get your order going.   Can’t wait to work on new creations!



Email me when you are ready to start your creation!


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